If you’ve recently lost a loved one, it can be a very distressing and confusing time. Here at Hughes Funeral Services, our family-run team are here to help make the funeral planning service as easy and stress-free as possible.

Below we have answered a few of our frequently asked questions that will hopefully shed some light during this difficult time.

However, if you have any other questions for our team of funeral directors in Leeds, please call 0113 248 0953, or use our online contact form to get in touch.

Yes, we are still offering our sensitive funeral planning in Leeds and across surrounding areas. We understand that we are living in unprecedented times, so if you’ve lost a loved one recently and are looking for funeral care, call today on 0113 248 0953.

The guidelines are changing more frequently – for the most up to date guidance, please head to the UK government’s website.

Current restrictions state that no more than 30 should be in attendance and where possible, it should just be the closest members of family and friends.

You have five days to register a death. During the current COVID situation, it isn’t possible to book an appointment to register a death in person. Instead, death registrations need to be carried out over the phone.

You will need the medical certificate of death from the doctor, then phone the Registry Office. After registering a death, you will be given a Certificate of Registration of Death and a number of other documents. Always call our Funeral Directors for advice.

It is usually the case that funerals take place within 10-14 days of your loved one passing away. The only way this would be affected is if paperwork is submitted less than 72 hours before a service.

Our Leeds funeral directors will talk you through the entire process, aiming to make everything as clear as possible.

Embalming is a preservation technique that introduces a chemical preservative through the vascular system to help restore a natural and restful appearance of your loved one.

A eulogy is a few words spoken by a family member or friend to pay tribute to a person’s life. Some like to prepare their own speech, whereas some prefer to read a poem or a passage.

During the funeral planning process, we will help organise the running order of the funeral and offer assistance if you need any deciding on a eulogy.

Our Leeds funerals are planned to suit your personal requirements. We have a number of ways that we make funerals special – please book an appointment with our funeral directors to discuss your plans, or order one of our brochures today.

Our funeral vehicles seat six people per vehicle as a maximum. Our vehicles have been fitted with specialist protection screens to comply with COVID restrictions.

Yes – please let our funeral directors know of your plans as soon as possible so we can ensure everything is safe and properly prepared.

Yes, we can provide non-religious funeral services when asked. We take pride in tailoring the funeral to any request to ensure that the service is personal to your loved one.

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